Monday , November 23 2020

Late secrets with Mayte, Boneta and Valdivia "Magician"

The Viña gala lived in a separate chapter inside the Casino, with a luxurious lunch, open bar and dance connections.

The first to enter was Sergio Lagos and Daniela Palavecino. Millaray Viera carefully pointed out and took focus at times in a corner, quietly and with a glass of white wine in her hand.

Kel Calderón made his appearance with a team. Sometimes she was very close to the singer Fran Valenzuela. About 1:30 he left. Two minutes later, Vesta Lugg, his former friend, came in.

A "WIZARD" LIMITED. Inside the room, Daniela Aránguiz, who just walked through the "red carpet", explained to the press that Jorge Valdivia did not match her because she had a game with Colo Colo .

But screaming albo, honoring his nickname, did magic. After 1 AM, he joined Pablo Morales, the Festival producer. The moment self was immortalized by his own wife on Instagram.

Di Mondo walked through several tables, taking pictures with everyone. His partner Eric Javits, a loyal hunter, never puts the best to smile. Euge Lemos, always ahead, took her to an improvised meneitto student.

Coca Mendoza, all the pancakes, was packed with Cristián Sánchez on the dance floor.

Maria Luisa Godoy, as a good guest, greeted everyone who crosses her. He also dedicated a few minutes to Rafa Araneda, former Festival leader, who spoke to her in a corner of the room, a meter of the dance floor.

Daniella Chavez gave a reggaeton with Adriana Barrientos, with a glass of white wine. Further back, Dióscoro Rojas, who was pulled back with a typical drink, looked at the track with a tired face.

DO NOT CHOOSE AT NIGHT. Many were late and asked for the lower plate, hungry. Around 2 AM, Lisandra Silva, along with Power Peralta, sat down and brought them to the menu that included "roast of strips in a soft sauce from Curacaví's cicha and the reflection of the field on the grain of native potatoes and cheese from sheep, chimichurri of red noisy and toast pine nuts ".

Mayte Rodríguez was a separate episode with Diego Boneta, the star of the gala, and he shares with them as the face of Paris. Everybody was looking at them. And they, very good friends. Translator Luis Miguel in the Netflix series was seconded by other people who were not losing track. The actress also shared her sister Maria Jesus Sothers. Carola Arregui, her mother, is fun and eager to dance next to her husband, Roy Sothers.

Boneta sat to ask for food. They came with the lowest plate that returned in the first place. Finally, one hotel appeared with another. He was eating with another man who did not stop talking to him. In the middle of this, the actor pulled out his cell phone and showed something from Instagram.

While the group played No Culpes and Night Night, Boneta smiled when he heard. Suddenly everyone was looking at it. The Mexican rose up and lifted up his arm with a glass of champagne. Minutes later, as well as entourage, he walked to the terraces of casino.

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