Friday , August 19 2022

Las Condes ex-carabinero armed a violent lesbian stimulus armed


Maer Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín, said the former carabinero Miguel Ángel Carrasco had disconnected from a site in the borough, before the battle in social networks by the lesbophobic assault suffered by Carolina Torres in Mudahuel.

Carrasco, who is currently He worked as a security inspector, had been released from Carabineros in 2017 and had a contract with the borough until 31 December, 2019.

A spokeswoman for Movilh, Daniela Andrade, "we appreciate the borough's decision, although it is very important that ptraining and awareness raising for public officials on human rights, equality and discrimination, because this is only what contributes to prevention and teaching. We have asked the mayor for that. "

"Obviously Carrasco Aedo has not trained to tackle security issues, less when they historically discriminate against people, such as LGBTI, because they would clearly break their rights, "the spokesman had indicated that before.

Torres was hit by two subjects and currently has hospitals in the old Central Office after suffering the skull break and the inner hemorrhage.

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