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LaBitConf will show in Chile what is the Latin American crypto scenario – DiarioBitcoin


From 5 to 8 December, various topics related to the world crypto are discussed, especially on the continent.

At present, Latin America is introduced as a fertile ecosystem for cryptocurrencies.

For many, cryptocurrencies are shown as a possible solution to the historical problems that the region suffers and so discussions about technology, its abilities and limits occur regularly.

This and more will be discussed in a new edition of LABITCONF, American Ladies Conference Bitcoin a Blockchain. This will take place on 5 December, 6, 7 and 8 at the Cultural Center Corpartes, located in Rosario Norte at 600, in Santiago, Chile.

The situation in the region in relation to the world crypto is very interesting. In Brazil, according to data by LABITCONF, more than 1.4 million accounts were opened exchanges of illnesses, while banks just see 600,000 new registrations. In Mexico, cryptocurrencies were not received as money, but new law was cataloged as goods, allowing banks to work with them. In Argentina, they started installing the first automatic numerical machines that allow the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, but not the only country where this happens, also in Chile and Panama, among others. In Colombia, Congress presented a bill – not yet approved – to issue licenses for exchanges who wants to operate in the country and to tax transactions. In Peru, the number of transactions with cryptocurrencies increased by more than 50%. Uruguay has just established a new special committee to evaluate how to regulate the causes of a lack of cryptocurrencies to avoid financial terrorism and money laundering. And Paraguay, part of, stands out as one of the cheapest countries to establish mining operations, thanks to low-cost renewable energy compared to Canada or Sweden. We need to talk about Venezuela, a country in a serious economic crisis where cryptocurrencies serves many emigrants to send payments to families and where more and more businesses receive. On behalf of it, Chile, the host country, hosted by this conference, sees an increasing number of exchanges and very enthusiastic to learn more about cryptography.

In the middle of all this situation the sixth edition came from LABITCONF. The previous ones were held in Argentina (2013 and 2016), Brazil (2014), Mexico (2015) and Colombia (2017). As in previous years, the event will have some of the most important benchmarks in the industry, including the specialist in Aberystwyth Bitcoin a Blockchain Andreas Antonopoulos, founder and CEO of Wales ZCASH Zooko Wilcox, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar or Aberystwyth RSK, the Argentinean company that its platform could bring a new wave of ICO, this time, be developed on Bitcoin.

Tickets are already available on the event website that you can give by clicking here. These range from USD $ 300, for standard access, to USD $ 1,150, for the full VIP experience.

Source: LaBitConf press release

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