Saturday , November 28 2020

"La Mayte is in a contingency process" for the break with Alexis Sánchez

Carolina Arregui returned as panelist for the "Muy buenas dies" morning this Saturday, a few days after the Vineyard Gala Gala, where his daughter, Mayte Rodríguez, was alarmed on the red carpet with actor Diego Boneta ( Luis Miguel in the series of Netflix).

The compulsory question for the actress is if there were "tone" between them, applying it to be a "Chilean mother in law".

"He's a very man, a humble super boy, a love, a person of flesh and blood," he said in the LUN newspaper. "I've never imagined that I would have such a piola".

"I believe that there is a lot of empathy because they make merchandise with each other," he explained.

Regarding whether he likes his son-in-law, Reregi replied "I'm not going to talk. My daughter is the one who has to choose. La Mayte is a backup process You have to experience grief, the process of overcoming periods. His leg is very good on the ground and she's very mature. "

"She's managing her life, taking good care of her because of her exposure and that she was feeding," he added.

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