Wednesday , November 25 2020

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II in talks on the arguments with Meghan Markle

Today, a video has been split where you can see how Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge arrived Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elisabeth II, who has begun to mediation between them and she Meghan Markle. It is said that the queen has reached the height of his patience with the alleged conflicts that exist between the company.

At the moment it appears that the first conversation with her Duges Caergrawnt. It is expected in the next few days to arrive Meghan Markle. It is believed that the discussions will also be to see how to help and direct Prince Harry's wife in the protocol that she enjoys so much to avoid and break.

This was the page Royal Report the one who announced the arrival Kate Middleton. They've been Daily Mail to the Sunday Times The sites that have reported this intervention by the Y Frenhines Elisabeth II.

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