Tuesday , November 24 2020

Kast does not give Piñera a break: "The damage that this government has made to Carabiners of rigid sizes"

The former presidential candidate accuses that the government of Sebastián Piñera "has become one of the most damaged Araucanía" and said "despite the promising start, he stopped to eliminate all of the # 39 ; to pledges and verification of terrorism ". So, ask to return the Jungle Order to the area.

From the most difficult adain to Chile's right, presidential candidate José Antonio Kast is determined to become the Sebastián Piñera Government shoe. The Republican Action leader again attacked the Executive as a result of actions in the case of Catrillanca, the policies in La Araucanía and their relationship with the Carabineros, stating that this government "today becomes one of those who have made the most damage to him."

"Today, terrorists are stronger and have more confidence in their sinister objectives than 9 months ago. Today, the Carabineros have less confidence and less government support," the former deputy in column published on the El Líbero website or "Jungle Government."

He says "the damage that this Government has to make Carabiners of rigid dimensions and will take much effort, patience and a commitment to rebuild the stimulating and motivating ridge of one of the most important organizations in the country. "

The disturbance of Kast focuses on publishing the withdrawal of the Jungle Order from the area, stating that it is "a very serious mistake and refusing the duty of all government to protect its citizens. We are still time to retreat in the measure this and assume against the fight against terrorism and the violence that is abolished in La Araucanía. "" That is what an orderly and responsible government should do to discriminate itself by one who is has come, in this matter, really jungle, "he said.

The critique of Kast by the right and the sector and its appeal to "terrorism" that valued in the area, was a sign collected in the Chamber of Deputies by the Interior of Andrés Chadwick, for Case Catrillanca. Therefore, the resuscitation staff and the case of Luchsinger Mackay, details raised on Twitter by President Sebastián Piñera were told to address other acts of violence in the area such as "the burning fire of the church with women and children , and fire from the schools of Mapuche children mostly ".

"Authentication of Terrorism"

In this line, according to Kast, "La Araucanía's central problem is not poverty or underdeveloped, it is violence" and in this sense he attacked the Executive's actions in this matter, reminding him "the A coalition that allowed Sebastián won Piñera won the presidential election in December with a clear and clear message to La Araucanía: rejecting total terrorism and tackling violence with all the force and rigor of the law. "

"It was also noted that a terrorist millimeter should not be given to us and that we need a much more robust hand". However, the former deputy says that "the government, despite the promising start, ends to eliminate all of its promises and verify terrorism, worsen in the fight against violence, removing kilometers in its policy anti-terrorism, and what is worse, blinking his hand and relaxing the rules to put in front of a violent minority that has hijacked Araucania Region ".

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