Sunday , October 2 2022

Julian Elfenbein liked the fake Freddie Mercury in Pasapalabra


It was at the moment "The Music Dragon", when the orange team's guest, Macarena Tondreau, guessing the topic "We're the Champions" of the Queen group and after the victory, he asked the driver of the program if he had already seen the film released just a while ago.

At the time, Julian Elfenbein admitted her admiration to the group, but he gave his arguments why he was not going to the cinema yet. Anyway, in a few minutes the singer sang one of the British group visits and a little bit rising the density, becoming the group spokesman, Freddie Mercury.

Without doubt, the moment had an impact on all the guests and the public attending, who went to the main platform and supported the driver for the tremendous show he did.

This is the most approved part of the #PasapalabraCHV and if you've lost it, we invite you to review it here.

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