Thursday , September 29 2022

José Miguel Viñuela explained why he had expired Telethon


"I was waiting two hours at the stadium and in thirty eight they reported that the link does not go, because the numbers (donations collection) were wrong. The program chose to take more emotional notes that would & It appeals to people who are sensitive and that's up to date, because we did not reach the goal, "explained a Much Taste animator in Las Ultimas Noticias.

As what was being deferred, even the Mekano team could not act, Viñuela was unable to find a suit and return to close.

"I was destroying and pointed out, my wife felt ill, because she's waiting for a baby, he has eleven weeks. La Constanza (Lira) alone with the children (they have two) and with a swallow. I prefer to stay there, "answered the written media.

When asked why he did not take the show, he said "I'm going over the board no more, because I thought I was going to leave at 6:30 am in the afternoon. I stayed and it was late, I left room to nine of the stadiums to my house. My wife could not because she was alone with the children and lying in that record. He felt awful and we were alone, we did not have any help. I chose to stay with her as it was an important step, we have already lost a little girl and we are more concerned about everything Going well. When I arrived at the house, I was looking to wash and put the children to bed. I had a lot of things that unfortunately stopped me from being.

Finally, when asked for a Telethon lunch, he also said "I can not attend, because I had to go with the children to the birthday of a cousin of them that have already been arranged in advance. That's why I'm not committed to Telethon, I'm an ambassador and I'm happy we've reached the goal, because we were struggling. "

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