Monday , July 4 2022

Johnson & Johnson suffer a fall in the bag following a report that claims that baby powder contains asbestos


In 10% they fall Johnson & Johnson shares on Wall Street This Monday, its worst figures since 2002, having released an investigation that recognizes that one of its leading products, Talc powder for babies, it would contain asbestos, material considered carnigogenic.

The fact was made in a report published by the Reuters news agency, who has supported with a base of confidential documents, related to around 11,700 lawsuits against the company, and reports that realize that at least since 1971 the company is aware of the presence of the compound in its tall and they have tried to keep it secret from the public and justice.

One of these priorities is the demand a 22 women performed against Johnson & Johnson, who claimed he had has suffered the cancer of the ashier after using a talc powder. The company was forced to pay 4000 690 million dollars last July.

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The company responded to the allegations, stating that what was reported by Reuters was "unilateral, fictitious and defamatory", and accused at the same time that it was "absurd conspiracy theory ".

In a statement, the company argues that the "scientific consensus is that the talc powder used in the body does not cause cancer, regardless of that tang. This is true even if, in this case, Johnson & Johnson's cosmetic talk would have included minutes and anonymous amounts of asbestos. "

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