Thursday , September 29 2022

Javiera Suárez responded to those who followed who were accused of making a profit with cancer. Society


Javiera Suárez He said that many Instagram users, the social network in which she is very active, accuses her profit with cancer what is affected

This was disclosed in an interview with The Third, where he said that "there are people who charge me to make a profit with cancer, there are lots of people who throw me very well and very few of you Judging, I should not have my heart, but I still want to answer: & # 39; How do you want me to pay what it costs? I have to work! & # 39;. And in this case, I'll work in campaigns and brands. If you do not like it, do not follow me. Now I have chosen those people's blocks. "

The journalist also explained that she was lucky to be able to pay for her cancer treatments, although she admitted and acknowledged that "I also have a bad time and I'll be scared".

In that line, he maintained "dead because you do not have money to heal awful." What do I do? Should we throw chit & # 39; to the person with more and can afford insurance? That happens to me with a criticism, "he said in relation to what he has explained to him: his mother wrote her and her sister in insurance, who has helped pay for the exams.

After that faculty, Javiera Suárez said that it was necessary to approve quickly Cancer Law in Chile, as it will be beneficial for hundreds of people in the country.

"What we have to do is move to the Law of Cancer to be enacted. Shut & Shit & # 39; on Twitter contributes anything. If there is something that money does not help you, however, you're a millionaire, it's getting better from cancer, "it came to the conclusion.

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