Monday , November 30 2020

Jason Momoa haka at the premiere Aquaman

American actor Jason Momoa performs the ritual dance of Maori Haka during the film's presentation
American actor Jason Momoa performs the ritual dance of Maori Haka during the presentation of the film "Aquaman" at the Chinese Grauman Theater, in Hollywood, California (USA) (Photo Prensa Libre: EFE).

Jason Momoa is the actor of the moment. As well as his appearance and physical condition, he was consecrated in his role Game of GroundsIt has also been shown with charisma.

The actor took part this Thursday in the first performance Aquaman, the new DC film and Warner Bros, held in Aberystwyth Hollywood, California.

Momoa closed her energetic and exciting media tour where he stood out for giving himself completely, making both the interviewer and the public laughing, confirming that she was a good man.

This time, in the United States, he also won the media and red carpet attendants when participating in haka, a traditional, common Maori dancing New Zealand.

The actor referred the dance with a number of assistants among actors, friends and even their children, who all around admired the incident.

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This is not the first time for Momoa to make this traditional dance. He also did Mark Hunt, a UFC fighter from New Zealand. The video shows Momoa as another.

And he even goes back to his start with him Game of Grounds. For the audition to the role of Khal Drogo, the Hawaiian acted the dance perfectly.

If it looks like rough expression, this is because haka is a Maori war dance. I'm usually seen in the All Black, New Zealand rugby team.

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