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«I've spent 30 years without knowing that I'm a» kayak »- Theme

She was a healthy and gluttonous baby, but she was two or three she became a sick woman in her house, in her neighborhood and in her school. "I was always ill with diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, malnutrition … it was a difficult childhood despite my mother's despair to touch me," recalls Angelica Trejo, who is the inhabitants of Badajoz . That affected the character: "She was the good and quiet girl, but how she could be disturbed if he did not have strength," he said. No-one knew what was happening to him.

During adolescents the symptoms were alleviated and improved, although its development was later, and it was not until she was pregnant with a first child she was ill again . "I was dead and did not know why. I spent ten years with anemia, with more acute and more acute health problems: problems of disorders, arthritis, digestive, dermatological and psychological because you lay seriously without knowing what is happening to you ». Up to the age of 31, a digestive doctor who saw him in a state that was already" distressed and serious "spoke to him for the first time about the possibility of being jealous. "I made the specific test that was positive and then intestinal biopsy confirmed the diagnosis: all of my problems came from celiac disease."

And there he began to change his life completely, without medication, only with a diet without gluten. "Once you start eating the right thing, you're getting a lot better, everything goes better and life is completely changing. I have the results of a diagnosis late, which results from nutrient deficiency and bone exposure. I have been suffering from osteoarthritis since I was 30 years old, for example, but now I'm 60 years older than I was. front. "When he nominated all his problems, Angelica had contradictions:" On the one hand he was left emotionally and took my fear away because they were looking for something wrong: lymphoma, leukemia … In fact, disease It is celiac and the disease they most like to do with the doctors. Then, on the other hand, you think it's something simple that could have avoided problems faster than diet simple ».

Even with diagnosis in hand, experts who still did not believe their problems were why. "Galiac disease was more related to childhood and I had to listen to everything," it's killing. Until then, she knew a little about this disease. "They told me something as my son was born because he had chronic diarrhea and once I thought his problem could be associated with mines". And so it's turned out. Because his son is inherently ill health to celiac disease. "It has that genetics but it is currently not diagnosed because the gluten does not hurt it, maybe later". Angelica has been on gluten-free diet for 28 years. "Before there was bread and pate that was like plastic, now the makers have improved a lot and the improvements are being fulfilled".

And he lives happier and leads a more normal life: "the body is used to live with this situation of weakness and you have survived but the diagnosis is & # 39; The best that can happen to you: Now, at 60, I'll feel much better, stronger than when I was 30 years old and with a lot of difference, despite the results of late diagnosis. "

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