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I've been kidnapped by a dog


The Dominican Republic's Ministry of Health reported on Thursday that he was investigating The likely cause of human illness in a six-year-old boy, who is admitted to a hospital in Santo Domingo.

The boy, and about six months ago was kidnapped by a dog in the right foot, according to the mother, was accepted for introduction fever history, chest pain, right leg, hydrophobia, and muscle split, among other disorders, according to a statement from the Health portfolio.

As mentioned by the mum, kill the neighbors of the dog with sticks, who introduced aggressive and sialorrhea.
The child was taken to the children's hospital Robert Reid Cabral in the capital, from the hospital Elio Fiallo in the state of Pedernales, he added the statement.

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After being notified, the Pedernales Provincial Health Directorate team, perform an evaluation of the people in contact with the case, including the health personnel of the centers visited by the patient and their relatives.

Similarly, they are looking for people who are actively attacking the animal to take the corresponding measures, which include the application of a war vaccine in cases that require.

Between August and September this year, a day of dog and cat vaccine was held at Pedernales, managing immunization of 4,708 animals out of an estimated population of 5,000, for dealing with 94.16%, the statement added.

According to data from the National Epidemiology Directorate, published this week, so far this year in the country has killed two people because of rape.

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