Wednesday , January 27 2021

Iván Moreira celebrates: He was dismissed and finalized in the case of Penta

Y magistrate Juan Manuel Escobar, from the Eighth of the Santiago Warranty Court, refusing the investigation permanently against the Senator UDI Iván Moreira in the case of Penta.

The senator is motivated by ideally facilitating false votes I'm the Penta group, The he used to hide Illegal contributions of 35 million pesos a his 2013 senatorial campaign

Earnings Avoid going to trial voice a in January 2018 he agreed to suspend the procedure conditionally with & quot; Metropolitan regional fiscal offices, Manuel Guerra; episode that trigger & # resigns to the Ministry of Public the persecutors Carlos Gajardo and Pablo Norambuena, given its disagreement with the measure.

As part of the agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor, Moreira has committed to the court to the financial benefit, in 12 monthly installments- of the amount of votes, in addition to repair address.

"After omitting the term set by the court for discharging the conditions, without the suspension (conditional) to be canceled, the criminal step has turned off and a final redundancy order is required"Judge Escobar decided, according to the instructions on Sunday And Mercury.

The morning highlights that "Boleteros" of Moreira also complied with the conditions set: their partner, Isabel Marinovic, your former councilor Eduardo Montalva; her Rodrigo Oil mill (in September 2014, one of the first chapters of the political plates scandal); Andrea Schultz, his secretary; Veronica Nieto, secretary of the UDI.

It will restart the summer speech

With this judicial decision, it seems that the senator severely leaves the undesirable argument of "scratching pots" to that point – according The Third– – ready to resume UDI summer voices; something he was doing traditionally, until the scandal was feeding in his face.

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