Tuesday , January 26 2021

Ituano had the recipe to give Sampaoli the best in Brazil

Santos fell by a landslide and losing his unfortunate role in the state championship. Yeperson Soteldo was starting.

Until this Sunday, Jorge Sampaoli's campaign at Santos was spectacular: he enlisted four wins in the same number of games that scored twelve goals.

However, Ituano had the recipe to give "Peixe" the best and did that with a 5-1 convincing. The casildense box has already lost 3-0 with the Morato (8s), Serrato (9 & 39) and Jonas (20 & 39) goals. Mota Discount (42 & 39), but Morato reiterated before break (47 & 39).

In the supply Leo completed the winner that ended Argentina's incredible coach.

Yeferson Soteldo added the whole game. On the next date Santos will face Mirassol.

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