Monday , October 3 2022

"It's time to say enough"


It seems too much. Approximately 450 million pesos at an Air Change Ceremony command ceremony are at least a bulky amount. The maximum amount of spending is really focused on flights.

The Fach himself defended explaining that those pilot hours were part of the usual pilots training. But at least One is astonished if it's best in the airfield parade to use these hours or in other exercises.

Not free the president Sebastián Piñera, without revealing the sum, he had criticized the cost of the ceremony. After doing so, and after asking Carabineros to tell the truth, he received criticism from his own allies, as Mario Overflow, who argued that it was not good to "put on the ground" for the Armed Forces and the Carabiners.

But the president appears to be the hierarchical secondary of uniform officers and police and therefore he must lead leadership. He is not the one who ignores it but the members who are badly acting or who do not know how to measure expenses. If Orlifo has suggested political tactics or because the president considers that there is a need for a scratching public court posture, there is something he can explain only.

The deputy believes that there is only a criticism that should be made inside, but all scandals appear to be in the public. The Armed Forces and the Treasury are the worries of all Chileans and yes, their successes and their errors are the subject of a national debate.

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An organization is never a responsibility to act incorrectly or confidentially on behalf of its members. But when isolated errors are repeated, when the initial versions are not reliable, then it's something that's structural is wrong. And it's time to say: enough.

Reliance is not the best way to find and insulate the ones that are responsible Transparency is the largest guarantee for the innocent ones. For example, those carabinieri of Chañaral who refused a bribe of 100 million pesos, prestige and prestige to the institution.

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