Tuesday , August 9 2022

Israel's first lunchtime crew started in his trip


Rocket from the American company SpaceX went off on Thursday night from the United States with the first Israel search to the moon on board.

The shot was followed alive in Israel by a number of missionaries and mission support personnel and the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) aerospace company control center, project partner.

The second floor of the rocket was to release the search, to baptize Bereshit (Genesis, in Hebrew), 33 minutes after getting rid of it.

Then the search will make a number of orbits around the Earth that will be a stimulus, with the help of its engine, taking a direction to the moon in a second time, where he should rest on April 11.

It also has the Indonesia satellite rocket and another United States air force.

The enterprise is private, carried out since 2010 by the not-for-profit organization, SpaceIL, but the project There is a national source of pride in Israel, where it is pointed out that only three countries have succeeded in land to date (United States, Russia and China).

Initially, the idea was to respond to the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, which offered a prize 30 million dollars For the first private plane that landed before March 2018.

Nobody arrived at time, but the SpaceIL team continued its mission and bought a secondary space on board SpaceX (whose main cargo is an Indonesian satellite).

The mission, that its cost should be reduced initially 10 million dollarsIt took ten times more, but "here is the cheaper device to try" this challenge, demanding an IAI group.

Morris Kahn, a businessman and a humanitarian, among those who funded the development of the robot. "Make us feel proud", said Kanh on Thursday going to the search.

The moon path is the main mission of Genesis, although a scientific instrument travels on board to measure the magnetic field of the picture. The scanner was designed to continue only a few days.

One capsule in the robot includes digital disks with children's pictures, songs and images of Israel's symbols, the memories of the Shoah survivor and the Bible.

Non-Israeli partners took part in the initiative. SpaceIL will communicate with the auditor thanks to the Swedish Space Corporation antenna.

Nasa made her Deep Space Network to send the Bereshit data to the Earth. The American space agency has also installed a retro-reflective laser on the robot to test the potential of the laser for steering space.

This new interest in the Moon is globally, a 2019 year will be full of initiatives.

China, which led its robot in 2013 "Jade rabbit", sent in January to the hidden face of what is often called the "eighth continent" of the Earth, its landlord No-e-4, and anticipate other trips.

India is hoping to turn in the next morning of the fifth lunar country, with Chandrayaan-2's mission, which will include a mobile terrain and a robot.

Japan anticipates the load, by 2020-21, of a small photo torch of the name SLIM, to study a volcanic domain.

Nasa, on his behalf, has defined as an official policy returning to the Moon, following the directions given by President Donald Trump in 2017.

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