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Is there a reason for Steam's complaints about the Epic Games Shop bans? – MeriStation consoles

Metro Exodus will be released for the new PC platform and the community has shared it. For or against?

Although this is not the first unique release i Epic Games Shop published, recently confirmed in this way Final Dead Walking Term o JourneyTo talk about two examples, those news Exodus Metro The first for Fortnite's parent client will have created a real mix. You have to visit some of the latest news from Videogame Games 4A to realize the importance of this organization a few days before its launch. When editing 3D Games, like in the rest of the community, we also have opposing jobs. Do you object to the freedom of the user? Y Search for exclusions from Epic Games StoreIs it lawful? Is the problem overcrowded? Opinions of all kinds, including the composers of this litigation, are like Valve, declared.

Yes – Mario Gómez

Sometimes I have a feeling that we should give us the best to distribute our jobs as "yes" and "no". Rarely they are black or white, rather they should be painted in gray colors. Let me explain: I believe that the Epic Games Shop bans are "badly necessary", grayer closer to the yester than anything, in this debate. On the one hand, that is obvious The valve was required directly by a lawyer, someone who forces you to keep up with games, services and prices. We all endorse their distribution of benefits and with a free fortnightly game, but we are currently talking about shortcomings, we remove from the PC the best it has: the possibility of choice. That means collateral damage: what you gain from Steam, you lose dissatisfaction with the user.

So far, Valve had something very similar to a monopoly on a personal computer, with a difference: they had a huge third party catalog, great games of their own harvest (DOTA 2, CS: GO, Portal, Half Life, Left 4 Dead …), good prices and all kinds of equipment for users. After saving in clouds, communities, analysis system, Big Picture, streams system … what is the Epic Games Shop?

Yes, she has Fortnite, Inherent game that survived Steam in concurrent players On some occasion, but give the best to count. It's usual for people to want to buy their games on Steam because they feel at home, even if that's the start of third party clients like Uplay to play, says, For Honor. Epig Games have every right in the world to play David against Goliath, but he can not expect Steam to go into Buy Metro: Exodus in your store as it were not.

Epic Games have been carrying freedom to a banner for some time in the hands of Fortnite. Very few know more about them in that sense. They opened the doors and the game that was crossed with PS4. He rejected the PlayStore when Fortnite came to Android. Tim Sweeney responded open to Universal Windows Platform because it has a specific monopoly appearance. And then they want to absorb the market in the same way? The truth is that it's not for me.

Na – Pascual Alejandro

First of all, to say that I stop the bans in the check book. Sean of Epic with Metro, Microsoft with Rise of the Tomb Raider or whoever they are. Basically because I think it's much better to attract and create your own community based on investing in the games that you create and get your own identity. Identity, in fact, that Steam loses. Since launch DOT 2 In 2013, the only thing Valve has released to date is The Lab, a VR game based on the Portal universe, and more than a doubt Artifact, which has lost almost all its consumer base in a few months, not just because it's a bad game, but because of price policies and micropy suspicious operation.

Is this the Valve we love? What are the proposals, from Gabe Newell and the fish market community center? The one who won Half Life 3, the most eager to see and has never left that, instead of pissing off the community, will become a peaceful joke? Valve Number has been sleeping on its laurels for years. Metro is not the first game you're just losing. Without any check books between them, all the third largest parties have left the party. They did not make it easy at the beginning, which is now because the Steam center was PC's, and still the a famous piece of cake 30% they are scared for them and that has been pissing off independent studies in the last five years. We do not know the percentages currently being carried out by the consoles, for many I have consulted and asked for, but the last data, of 2008, was 11.5%. Data is very similar to the percentage that Epic takes by game sold, at 12%.

I believe that the Valve needs a resurgent. Something that would wake up the energetic. Epic does not have the best ways, mainly because it should be It started creating a shop to match, and it's not. But Valve must respond better than a message with justice. I do not think that its way of dealing with the games that he recorded in his catalog for years, through Greenlight, has been fair. The filters are to specific games. Attempt to charging for models. Y immobilism o to a user interface and constant updates. The way to control consumer reviews which has damaged many games and developers. There is always suspicious control of third party keys and confidence, as we (the first of you) 500 or 600 games in your library, we're afraid to turn us to mobile ones too. Players decide what is "unfair" and what's not, and Valve, meanwhile, is going to work. I will always hinder banned pounds, but if it is wrong, this time will mean that the giant will wake up, something that we'll have to win.

3D Games.

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