Thursday , August 18 2022

IPhone 2020 would have a 5-nanometer processor


The DigiTimes media announced a new report where key data crashes about iPhone in the future.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Company (TSMC) is the main supplier chipsets mobile for Apple.

And according to the information now, the provider said produces the first 5-nanometer processors intended to be made smart phones from some Cupertino at 2020.

Those SoCs would be built under the Ultraviolet Extreme Lithography (EUV, for acronym in English).

The source states that the Taiwan company is optimistic for the years 2020 and 2021. At the time 5G technology would mature, as well as other emerging ones.

What would a 5-nanometer processor include in an iPhone?

After explaining in a simple way, the latest generation iPhone currently carries 7 nanometer processors. Therefore, if in 2020 it reaches 5 nm, this means that the space between the translators is falling. This leads to more speed in the processes, that is, increase in performance At the same time, energy savings are achieved.

It's easy to say. But Achieving this suggests a major investment, time and commitment in R & D (research and development).

A little while ago was "the race" to see who was the first starter to achieve a chipset or 7 nm. Maybe now start the second round, which points to 5 nanometers. At present, TSMC is the one that has the advantage … at least it seems like that.

Source: DigiTimes

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