Sunday , July 25 2021

Investigate your accounting and recognize a soldier's discount in the value of your brands

The Kood Heinz foods lose 20% on the stock market (after discussions after hours) after announcing prospects worse than expected last night, have made a public inquiry by the SEC (stock market regulator) on account of her and also publishing good goodwill articles for US $ 15,400 million, and she has been reducing the value of her brands, including Kraft and Oscar Mayer.

The fall in the market after hours means a reduction of US $ 12,000 million in its capitalization. The quote is at the minimum since 2015 H.J. Heinz bought Kraft Foods to form the fifth largest food group in the world.

The company will write for 15,400 million in its goodwill, which is related to a fridge business in the United States and Canada and also to some brands. This strong modification of intangible assets and their brands, and includes valuing the assets that are more than the address at the merger date, in 2015.

This reorganization has led the group to close the last quarter of US $ 12,600 million. In terms of customization, the company announced profits per share of 84 cents, lower than expected 94.

The company has also revealed that in October it receives a request for an investigation by the SEC (stock market manager) regarding accounting, its procedures and internal controls.

Kraft said he expected to earn Ebitda between US $ 6,300 million and US $ 6,500 million in 2019, lower than analyst estimates that gave around US $ 7,470 million, according to Reuters data. The company has also broken the dividend forecasts of 36% to 40 cents per share, from the previous estimate of 63 cents.

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