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Inti-Illimani: "Tito Fernández is a very distinctive, egocentric character"


The group's historical cohort talks about its forthcoming shows in Santiago, from Pinochetism as a concept that was repayed and from allegations of sexual abuse against the singer: "We're pretty boring, we're talking about very serious things, "he said.

The Inti-Illimani historical cohort attended the space known as Tercera Voz about his direct project: the shows offered at the Nescafé Arts Theater on December 28 and 29, and apart from reviewing their famous catalog, they will regenerate Almost form one of the most significant albums, Fragments of one dream (Ticketek tickets).

Here's the title that was launched in 1987, when closing the long run in Italy, a year before returning to Chile. "We're lucky about the past, but in the future, of what could have happened to us and it did not happen to us. It's a positive fun, I & Do not believe that you have to look in the mirror backview, "said Salinas. "This album has put us into the world of world music," said the musician.

"Looking back, we were a group that had the joint idea to convey an idea. This work opens a search spirit in the group," says Seves, around a production that had worked together with the ex-guitarists John Williams and Paco Peña.

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Around today, there were also words for a concept that has reappeared in recent weeks at this point: the pinochetism. Salinas said: "A terrible thing, to relate the disaster that Chile is experiencing is to ignore this country. There is a concern. How can they relate incredible crimes committed? Pinochet will be dependent in ogre. "

There was also room for reflection on alleged sexual abuse allegations against singer-composer Tito Fernández, who had to give evidence before the courts. Inti-Illimani musicians have met in different circumstances with the singer.

Salinas, also a director of SCD, is deepening: "The feeling of many musicians is having a huge impact, because we are talking about very serious things. Certainly they can be hidden, but the truth is when they are These struggles are challenged for gender equality, against violence against women, pay discrimination in relation to women, and on the other hand, these situations appear where the woman is an object, where the woman is trampled. "

"There is also a very serious thing given the fact that many people are looking for a spiritual crisis, and their lives have become very difficult, and take advantage of this kind of circumstances to commit; These things, it's something We've all been surprised. "

"Tito is a character that we have rewarded, we have given him an honor. And when that honor and medals will not match what we think, & # 39 Very nasty and I have a hard time separating the private conduct of the work. It's a very wrong way and I believe that the world, we are Chilean, is looking for a coherent life, where Working ethics, moral minority, we are looking for; When we say we are absolutely, we are truly honest; when we say we do not want to misuse others, we are not misused & # 39; r other ".

His companion José Seves also expresses in relation to Fernández: "It hurts, just like the circumstances that have happened with members of the Church: the people who are going to seek help, help , hand, advice or company, and be trampled before this application, it will be transferred to carry in a huge way ".

"It's pretty bad. And I know Tito, I have known it for a long time, from the south, I always see (in it) that more often there are some stories of delirium. & # 39: a very special character, is very egocentric. It's becoming complicated to fit again, for the things he has done, because he does not respect his own work There's a very big inconsistency. "

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