Wednesday , March 3 2021

InSight probe sends an impressive picture of Mars's "calm beauty" Technology

The American search InSight He pulled Monday on the face Mars, after 7 years of work by the well-known USA National Airplane and Space Administration team NASA, for her acronym in English, and almost 7 months of space travel.

The landing occurred at 16:52:59 of Chile time, one minute earlier than expected, making the InSight the second active vehicle on the red planet right now.

The other robot in operation is Curiosity, also from NASA, who arrived there in 2012.

After touching the Mediterranean soil, the search engine opened its solar panels to refill its batteries.

A few hours later he sent the first clear photograph of Mars area, shared by NASA, which demonstrates the spectacular desert landscape that extends across the horizon.

"There is a quiet beauty here. I can not wait to explore my new home", Wrote & # 39; the search engine to official Twitter account.

Here is the second image of InSight on Mars published. Previously, the search engine had taken a minute-tested photo shot, which was also split by NASA.

This image looks unclear because the lens cover has not yet been assigned.

More than half of the 43 attempts to bring robots, satellites or others to Mars – have been used by space agencies worldwide – have failed.

Only the US has managed to place artefacts there, investing in these trips with the aim of preparing a future assault with human searchers for the 2030s.

This search has to be 993 million dollars – for about two years – listening and scrutinizing in Mars, trying to reveal mysteries that formed billions of years ago.

This information may allow you to better understand the formation of Earth, the only rocky planet in which its interior has actually studied.

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