Sunday , October 2 2022

Injuries and banking make Alexis losing millions in Manchester


Before this new injury, the same name Alexis Sanchez did not make a surprise among Manchester United fans. However, José Mourinho's bizarre decision is an economic background, as not all Tocopillano games start as an initiator does not lose several million.

When he signed, last January, the main reason for leaving the city was the lucas. The representative and the player took over 13 million dollars to achieve the signature, as announced by the famous Daily Mail.

The salary millionaire was another of the other reason. Soccer leaks revealed the amounts received by Chile: a basic salary of US $ 26 million, an annual bonus of US $ 1.27 million for each of the five years of contract, US $ 2.5 million if it is & # 39; n combine 40 records between goals and support, another $ 1.27 million if you win the Champions League and half that figure if you're winning the Premier League. That's, as well as $ 95,000 for each game as an initiator.

Indeed, this last background is the one who can take advantage of "Mou" to "save" a little money for the club, after criticism of his poor performance.

Only in the 2018 -19 season, the "Wonder Child" stopped almost 1.25 million dollars, as he was the only starter in 7 of the 20 pairs played by the English team: 14 & 39; r Premier, 5 Champions and another in the League Cup.

Above all, he has suffered an injury that will leave him for the rest of the year, according to Mourinho. That is, 665 thousand other dollars are smaller.

Changing scenes? That is, exactly, one of the arguments that the English tabloids give Sanchez to the market.

Ideally, "AS7" could reach 35 million a season, which can reach a few clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or Juventus.

However, internally of the "Red Devils" they do not officially talk about an emergency between the player and the Mancunian club. Here's how La Cuarta tells a member of the largest millions cast organization in the world, according to Forbes.

"Manchester United really does not have a good sporting moment, but the trainer or the leaders have not offered a change. Sanchez has a contract for four years now and there are no definite offers to & # The player is also happy with us, "they say close to the administration.

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