Friday , June 24 2022

INE updates the goods and services basket and adds Netflix and Spotify


Netflix a Spotify Some of the elements that will be included in the basket of goods and services have been updated, which allows the measurement of Consumer Price Index (CPI), as published by the National Statistics Institute (INE)

"This change in the foundation year meant updating the CPI products and services basket – using the Family Budgeting Survey VIII (EPF) as the main source – to reflect the way user practices have been customized. The change also allowed the introduction of technical and operational improvements to create a more accurate and representative index of economic price behavior, "says the INE, according to Bíobiochile.

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On the other hand, items such as costumes, land, fertilizers or legal advice services will no longer be part of the basket.

"The products selected correspond to those that are consumed in at least four of the five quintiles of the population, that is, in most socio-economic strata, "they explained from the organism.

These changes will be reflected from February 8, 2019, the date on which January's DPI is submitted.

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