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In recent years there has been an increase in diseases that can cause encephalitis in children without vaccination


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MADRID, February 21 (WASG EUROPA) –

The incidence of encephalitis due to viruses has decreased due to childhood immunization, according to Dr. Santiago Trillo Senín, co-ordinator of the Critical and Revolutionary Neurology Study Group of the Spanish Association of Neurology, who has warned that in the past, in recent years there has been an increase in the causes of disease that can be caused in uninhabited children.

This Friday is World Enzapatitis Day; A disease that includes the central nervous system inflammation, which can affect the brain (encephalitis), meningitis (meningoencefhalitis) or the spinal cord (enseffalomyelitis). Although their causes are very varied, viruses are usually common.

In Spain only 600 cases of new diagnosed diagnosis are reported, according to the Association of Spanish Neurology (AAA), with the most affected groups of children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems.

Herpes and animal-transmitted viruses are the most able germs to produce this disease, although viruses, heads, heads or rubella can be for people not vaccinated.

A high fever, seizures, behavioral disorders, motor defects, awareness consciousness, excessiveness, emotions, severe headaches or loss of awareness are some of the symptoms of this disease.

In addition, vomiting, body rigid, seasonal or intrusive fontanelle and crew and regular viability are also warning signs in babies. Therefore, Dr Trillo explains the importance of knowing how to interpret the symptoms.

"A high percentage of encephalitis develops favorably with appropriate treatment, and patients present symptoms such as fever, headaches, nausea and vomiting, along with other symptoms of nervous system failure, and usually recover in a few weeks, without long-term complications, "said Dr Trillo.

However, he added that "serious cases are at high risk of deaths and disabling sequelae such as the development of epilepsy, motor defects, cognitive symptoms, behavioral disorders and learning disorders, with particular importance in developing children affected."

In addition, the need for better health control and the development of new vaccines that may favor reducing this disease has conflicts.

According to experts, avoid eating water or food in a poor condition, protect yourself from insect bites, especially in tropical climates, or feed transportation, get vaccinated, properly when traveling, pet vaccination and children, they are the main preventative methods of encephalitis.

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