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In 25.5% of cases of tuberculosis have increased in the Maule Region


TALCA.- This year's slogan is very simple: "The moment of action – Putting an end to TB", because tuberculosis is a transmissible disease, endemic with a global presence, in different degrees in each country. It affects the poorest social groups and the most vulnerable individuals who have more power.
According to epidemiological data from the Maule Region, in 2017 it was reported that there were 108 cases, of which four were people from Haiti; but in 2018, the regional figure rose to 145 cases, 16 of which were Haiti and another nationality. The 25.5% increase shows that the disease is present far from extinction, and must be found in time so that there are no more infections.
It should be noted that 17 cases have been reported to date in 2019 and six are Haiti. In the light of this situation, the health authorities made an energetic appeal to the patient, in the case of suspicious symptoms, to consult a health center, whether primary or hospital, as there were various diagnostic techniques, such as: cervical microscopy (13th hospitals); molecular biology gnxpert (Talca); Solid land treatment (Curicó, Talca, Linares and Cauquenes) and liquid culture (Talca).

The broncopulmonary doctor, Sergio Jaime, Talca Regional Hospital, the Regional Manager of the Tuberculosis Program, explained that “it has been an old disease, for many centuries, and contrary to what people believe, it is a great disease. present and with the onset of debilitating diseases. , how is HIV / AIDS, with immigration with reality and other risks?
"The prevalence of diabetes, in general, with diseases that reduce the defenses, which is why tuberculosis has been appearing more and more," he said. The national rate of TB is 14.5 people per 100 residents.
"The key is in the active and early research, as many patients have symptoms and do not consult early or doctors do not recognize the disease because it is confused with colds or pneumonia. The most important symptom is cough, if it lasts for more than 15 days, consult a doctor, "he said.
"Now, when the patient coughs, one is already infected, then one should keep an eye on those people who are losing weight, which is weakened, with a fever at night without a clear cause. T When he coughs – between quotes – a little late because he already caught it, "added the expert doctor.

The number of sputum smells processed in the Maule Region during 2017 was 17,551 patients; 2018 of 17,000 952; and in 2019 a thousand 568 (January-February) have been processed.
The doctor, Luis Jaime, deputy director of Healthcare Management, Maule Health Service (SSM), said, “our care network is ready to accept all our applicants. This test is very simple, very fast, giving us plenty of security and not an invasive exam. "
"We seize the opportunity to call it to the support centers, from primary care – our family health centers – to our hospitals," he added.

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