Thursday , May 26 2022

"I'll accompany me": Recognized that Mylly was in a couple and lucky in Chile Television and shows


The old lady of reality always manages not going to her. A proof of this is that its amazing beauty makes it shine when presenting Copihue de Oro, so much that it is one of the most approved ones.

In this way, Aylén once again looked full on the famous press, and his followers celebrated the return to watch on TV, and so radiant.

In that opportunity, the Argentine model said that a couple ago she was in a couple, of course, she did not want to tell who the man with a sentimental relationship with.

Aylén Mile | Instagram

Aylén Mile | Instagram

This news made an impact on his followers, who were surprised, because he had completely restored this issue.

Aylén Mile | Instagram

Aylén Mile | Instagram

Former candidate Love Test says he felt "Very well, very happy. I can accompany me. He's a very good person.", adding that he had been voting for a month and a half.

In terms of the lucky one's identity, Aylén responded to the Mega website, which is: "You still do not know. I can not put clues. "

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