Thursday , May 19 2022

If you have $ 380,000, you can already buy this Motorcycle flight


Certainly, you've seen on YouTube, or on TV, an iconic view of a flying person in a jetpack around the Statue of Liberty. It was a jetpack manufactured by Jetpack Aviation, an innovative company in this type of one person flying devices. Jetpack Aviation has hosted hundreds of trips with jetpack, so this is the most reliable company when it comes to designing a flying motorcycle. If you have $ 380,000, you can order The Speeder, Jetpack Aviation bike. You will not have to wait long to enjoy, as they will be presented to customers who start this month.

The Speed There is a flying motorcycle that uses aviated system similar to a thron. In essence, four jetpacks are placed on a motorcycle.

It can reach a speed of 241 Km / h and go to 4572 meters, so we speak practically from a plane … with the pilot lying on the motorcycle. The flight experience must be absolutely incredible, as you can see in this video:

Y fly The Speeder motorcycle It can have a maximum weight of 109 kms, so it can not be done for powerful people. Its battery is another from weak points. It allows to fly between 10 and 22 minutes, according to the weight of the pilot and the intensity of the air. It has not intended for long flights.

It also has a 12-inch touch screen to control the flight plan, and can communicate by radio with another motorcycle, or with the base on the ground.

As it's easy to imagine, security measures are high. It has an artificial intelligence system that automatically balances the bike in the air, and can still be stable even if one of the four machines has been damaged. In terms of high flight flights, the pilot must carry a parachute.

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Many models will be produced. There is no need for any type of flight license to the leisure version, which will be for sale to the public. Therefore, we suggest that you can not lift one meter of the land. Only 20 units will be for sale at a price of 380,000 dollars. You can already keep, leaving a $ 10,000 deposit. It had a departure date for February, but it has not yet reached the customers.

Only the military and the American Government will sell the rest of the flying bikes. The military version has one other engine, in order to get better stabilization, and an air pilot license is needed, as it will be able to fly freely to almost 5,000 meters in height.

This version also has autonomous navigation, to carry cargo.

For decades, flying bikes They have been part of science fiction, but they are already here, and they're real … Who would like to try one?

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