Saturday , November 28 2020

"If a man is so small, let's go to the corridor": the meeting of the Urrutia (UDI) and Celis (RN) deputies for the strike at the Valparaíso port

In the center of Congress, there was a discussion in the bizarre style of "seeing you on the way out" among the parliamentaries of Chile Vamos, due to an unequal view of the strike of workers from the Valparaíso port.

Strong conflicts were held on Thursday afternoon, parliamentaries of Chile Vamos, Osvaldo Urrutia (UDI) and Andrés Celis (RN), as part of the temporary strike of workers at the Valparaíso port.

It all started when the trade unions Raul Celis, the senate's brother, accused that he had abused the port strike and became "spokesman for Terminal 1 of the Pacific Pacific Terminal company" (TPS), the Appen Von group. It is worth mentioning that Raúl Celis is the former mayor of the region and also a former president of the Valparaíso Port Company (EPV).

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"Deputy Urrutia, if you're human enough and believe that Mr Raul Celis Montt has a conflict of interest, go to the justice courts and express that. But do not shout," defend the deputy.

"I have not been broadcasting myself in anything," said Urrutia. "I understand that you are the brother, but I also ask you to be good enough and recognize that your brother has made mistakes. The president of the port company can not become a passive spokesman, and exclude when the government itself has asked for a resignation for their ability to reach an agreement, "he said.

As a result, there was a strong discussion with press reactions to all the words by the parliamentarians. However, despite the tone, the arguments no longer increased and everything came to an end with Urrutia disappearing Celis to talk alone. "I'll invite him to chat without prey. I do not show Let's go to the hall and talk to each other. If he's so small that he is … go here. press, "it ended.

Release the minute below:

Video through SoyValparaiso

Apologies for Celis

After the enthusiasm almost leads to both deputies. Andrés Celis offered his apologies to porteños. "I believe that the focus on what is happening right in the port and in the acts of violence in Valparaíso," he said.

"It hurt me that the deputy Osvaldo Urrutia Soto has accused my brother Raul Celis Montt to have a defensive career and he is a former President of the Port, he said on time he was acting more as president of TPS or EPV, is a spokesman for a TPS or he has I have interests with TPS and I believe it is unfair because he is accused of an offense, "he added.

Celis defended his debate and urged Urrutia, if he had a story, "go to the Justice Courts, because he was not a brother to me, he is accused of an offense, Urrutia has jurisdiction and I hide that I think that Raul is right to Raul, regardless of my brother. "

Finally, Chick demanded the excuses for the embarrassment. "I think the focus is on solving what's happening in Valparaíso, but I can not allow Raúl Celis Montt to be treated with an interest in TPS, who looks like a TPS president and who is & The spokesman and who now says I'm also I'm not when I do not even know the TPS company, much less the dealer, "it ended.

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