Monday , January 17 2022

"I was about to retire from a tennis"


On 22, Bastin Malla says he is beginning to finally enjoy tennis. That's all the bad things that I lived and that all the colors made were mature to him and, above all, appreciated what he was doing.

"That was what I had to live, what did I have to do to do a lot of things," said "El Mercurio" in the first first introduction to Santiago 2 (he won yesterday in his priority Argentine Juan Ignacio Galarza, 398, for 3-6, 6-4 and 6-4 at Las Brisas de Chicureo).

The national time map has almost disappeared in recent years, after a remarkable break in its junior period with Christian Garn, the left Antofagasta has been entering the future circuit and trying Going into larger ones, as its current site (475 ATP) enforces them to fight the classes.

"Two months ago, the future of the future was to start this path, I was about to retire from a tune, but Checho (his master Sergio Corts) ended and started helping me with & # The economic problem, the trip to Per. Oh, I started to fight all the points, not to give anything, and the results began to give, "says the nortine.

Malla acknowledges she has experienced one of the worst moments in August: "When I arrived from Italy, I had a very bad time: I stayed for three months, I did I lost my money, I had to fight, ask for many favors, stay in the stranger's homes. Eventually, I could return to Chile and spent four weeks in my house. no, and the Checho came to tell me that I can not waste my baby. "

– Feeling I was wasted in recent years?

"One never loses time, always learning from bad things, it helped me to realize many things, to enjoy the field more than I feel all the weight I have, and now I want to enjoy it. "

-In not suffering, as Christian Garn said he was happening to him.

"It happened to me the same thing, and I believe more, because there was a lot of expectation, there was a lot of pressure and we did not enjoy that junior momentum, we insisted that we were & # 39 ; n professionals, but we are children who were learning … I've seen my brother 16 now and is a boy. "

-Do you want to emulate it?

"What he did this year was tremendous: to win three consecutive challenges, he shows his tough and mental maturity, I'm very happy about him and because this will help Chile tennis, I do not want to produce expectations and weight, but obviously I would like to like it. Although, if you're making a lot of expectations, you think you're very good, you're starting to get more ego and that'll destroy you later ".

-Dyle you think about the Davis Cup?

"I'll be glad if they call me, I've never played."

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