Tuesday , October 4 2022

"I can respect myself enough not to go to hostels"


The deputy Mario Venegas (DC) protect the National travel costs of $ 95,880 per day they accept for going to work in Congress.

This is given to each senator and deputy who attend Santiago or Valparaíso headquarters. The argument for accepting the money is that there is a lot of travel from different regions and must be allocated in accommodation or meals outside the restaurants of each bench.

Venegas, when talking to Julio César Rodríguez in the Gould Be Worse program at Bío Bío, can make sure that the sum is not correct. "And per day is $ 78,000"He said.

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He also insisted on defending that money. "It is justified because we come from regions. It means we have to pay rents or hotels"He added.

In turn, he explained that he paid $ 58,000 a night at a normal hotel, like Diego de Almagro. "" That's what it costs to pay a decent moderate hotel in Valparaiso, "repeated the senator.

"As a proxy I respect enough not to go to hostels", Venegas Sentencing.

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