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"I believe that a sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity in Magallanes"


LObesity is still a problem for the country and above allo
for the Magallan Region. This week a new report was revealed
published by the United Nations Institute for Wales
Food and Agriculture (FAO), who listed Chile as a country with
the highest obesity index in South America in women.

According to
"Food and Nutrition Safety Panorama in America
Latin America 2018 "31% of the female population over the age of 18
years present this condition.

With details, the study showed that levels of obesity were among men of the legal age of Chile 24.9% per cent, occupy the second place in South America.

According to
the latest data released by the last National Health Survey
2016-2017, in Magallanes more than 13.6% for children under the age of six
they present obesity and in people aged between 14 and 64, the condition will be found
by 32.3%.

Regional opinion

He said this, the Magallanes Ministry of Health, Mariela Rojas, "y
Obesity is a regional, national problem and not only in women
but also in men and boys that's the most serious thing.

As policies
We are working on several frontages and we hope you are
Good results, though not fast because they are related to
cultural change, especially with a sedentary lifestyle and kind of
food, I think it's a sedentary lifestyle and what's our guide
Obesity. "

Another part, during his time at Magallanes, Network Secretariat
Asistenciales doctor Luis Castillo noted that "obesity was
Chilean problem, not just women, more men
obesity, obesity among children is a very serious and overweight problem
the same There is an integral approach that we must solve in and
Transition, not only in terms of health, but also
physical education and education ".

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