Tuesday , August 16 2022

Huawei studies set its first data center in Latin America in Chile


It is not just Amazon to analyze the possible installation of a data center for Latin America in Chile. Our country also attracts Chinese Huawei's major technological technique.

According to sources from the company in Chile, the local Huawei office is in a full campaign to convince the company's headquarters in China to implement a major investment in our country, which would be expressed in a data center for Latin America, focusing mainly in cloud computer services.

According to the source, he did not want to disclose the amount of this investment, also at local offices Brazil to Ariannin They put their arguments to have the data center installed in their respective countries. The final decision should be ready during the second quarter of 2019.

"We are currently analyzing all the regulatory, operational and infrastructure issues of this database, which will be the first in Latin America," said the source, and also added that this is done with the help of InvestChile, an entity that did something similar to Amazon, when we saw our country as an alternative for its investment project.

"Despite the advantage we have as a country in terms of technological development and stability, it's hard to compete with more markets like Brazil or Argentina "said Huawei source. However, issues such as the construction of optical underwater fibers and proximity to Asia in commercial terms, would be points in favor of Chile.

Since December last year, Huawei has been in the middle of the hurricane after Meng Wanzhou, the finance director and daughter of the founder of the company, was arrested in Canada, with a request for extradition from the US. The last country is investigating the Asian company for breach of possible penalties against Iran.

In addition, many European countries and Oceania have prevented Huawei from operating its 5G infrastructure due to possible suspicions of spy.

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