Saturday , November 28 2020

How to see the best meteor shower of year in Chile

Do you like to see the air? Y games, it's probably a best meteor shower year that will be dated during the early hours of the morning Friday, December 14. The best time in our country to observe will be between 01:00 and 02:00 in the morning.

This show, called "rain of stars", occurs when the Earth crosses an orbit comet, star objects that leave behind a gas and dust path, When it comes into the atmosphere of the Earth, it disappears and shines.

Geminidas cause is "very special", because this meteor shower is not from a comedy, but from Phaethon asteroid (without Phaethon, son Helios, and duw haul), eat dumb, without unstable elements found in 1983.

Phaeton, which measures 5.10 kilometers, goes to the Sun every 1.4 years, but also the nearest asteroid to the star of what is known, even more than & Blanket Mercury, a thing that makes some waste burn, form the shingle tail that leads to the meteor shower.

Although the meteoric shower starts on December 4th, this phenomenon will register its maximum during the night and early in the morning from Thursday to Friday, when it will be possible to see "one or two meters per minute ". Rain will observe until the 17th.

To enjoy it, it's just a good look and just look at the air past midnight and the other address to the Moon, to avoid its brightness. During Friday, this meteoric shower can be seen live on the website.

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