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How much will the dollar be in Christmas?

On their behalf, operators estimate that the exchange rate will be $ 672.5 in another week.

The end of the year is approaching and with that, many start thinking about a Christmas present or overseas trips. Given the e-commerce boom, purchases in this way and abroad are always a good option, this is why he can know more or less the amount in which the dollar at the end of December will be an advantage … and they already have experts price exchange rate for that date.

According to the Financial Operators Survey (EOF) that took place between Tuesday and Wednesday this week, he showed, on average, that experts expect the dollar in Chile to be $ 670 in 28 days, n like the levels in which I have quoted at the moment

On his behalf, the survey spread by the Central Bank estimates that the exchange rate will be $ 672.5 in another week.

Annual inflation expectations are reduced

Another outcome to measure the publishing organization, which is consulting people responsible for financial decisions in different organizations of the capital market, shows that inflation expectations for the end of 2018 have dropped from 3 % to 2.8%, as predicted by Diario Fianciero.

This is, with the help of forecasts where prices would show no change during November and December. Therefore, the median of the responses provided by the operators refers to CPI of 0% in the last two months of the year, while the ninth decil is pressing towards a slight increase of 0.1%.

Gradual increase in rates

Regarding the evolution of the Financial Policy Rate (MPR), the EOF states that the government rate would remain stable at the meeting held between December 4 and 5 by the Central Bank Board of 2.75 %.

Therefore, operators estimate that there will be three increases during 2019, which is the next in January, where the TPM would be located at 3%. Then, in May, it would reach 3.25% to finish the year at 3.5%.

The withdrawal of the financial incentive would continue during 2020, the year in which respondents expect the 4% closing rate.

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