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How much does a streamer earn for promoting a game on Twitch?


A new game placement among the most transmitted by Twitch can be basic in order to guarantee its success, and the only way to achieve it is to get the players (from the name)streamsThe most popular platform sets aside a few hours of your agenda to try it out for thousands of viewers.The effect of this type of advertising doesn't traditionally affect t that According to a recent Wall Street Journal investigation, companies are willing to pay fifty thousand dollars (or more) per hour of play to those influencers.

"AAA game distributor offered sixty thousand dollars per hour for two hours," he said Omeed Dariani, Chief Executive of the Online Performers Group, representing some of the team streams the most influential, when consulted by the Kotaku portal. "The customer refused it and the distributor returned with a blank check, which was still rejected."

"We have seen a proposal far higher than fifty thousand dollars, six or seven figures for long term agreements," Dariani met.

The Reuters report says that Tyler Blevins "Ninja", y streamer Twitch's most popular (with more than 13 million followers) and one of the industry's most important personalities (selected by Time magazine as a 2019 character), He received in February this year a million dollars from Electronic Arts to play Apex Legends, the studio battle was Respawn Entertainment. The company also paid for other time streams popular (all with several million followers), set the game on Twitch above Fortnite and phenomenon in just three days their proportions increased by 16 per cent (equivalent to 4 billion dollars).

Today, three months after its launch, the game was accumulating fifty players in its first four spiders on a good day of the top twenty of the stage.

"We have seen a proposal far higher than fifty thousand dollars, six or seven figures for long-term agreements."

According to the Wall Street Journal in addition to Electronic Arts, ABlizzard ctivision (Call of Duty, Overwatch), Ubisoft (Assassin Credo) a Take-Twor (Auto Theft Grand) continues to feed safes streams with the inclusion of regular payments.

But advertising is not the only source of income for a player on Twitch. A few months ago Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang, which has nearly a million followers on Twitch and nearly 800 thousand on YouTube, has published a video explaining the different ways of doing it t streams they received money and calculated how much of the most popular Twitch the month – and in order for the analysis to be fair, they also talked openly about their earnings.

As Wang explains there are four ways to charge for transferring on Twitch: donations from fans, payment of subscriptions, advertising revenue (videos that run automatically before the start of the broadcast) and sponsorship of games development companies, manufacturers of products related to games (accessories or edges), manufacturers of products that have nothing to do with games (energy drinks or clothing) and service providers (such as Uber Eats, for example).

While some games played in March last year, Drake became a global phenomenon, "Ninja" was already streamer popular at the time. However, the connection with the artist caused him to explode and during that month he collapsed nearly 290 thousand subscribers, at a rate of 3.5 dollars each (the rest of the Twitch subscription cost) creates an income of more than a million dollars and made it a man all companies wanted to get under his wing.

Of course, not everyone streams They are considered equally influential. Involve sponsors It can vary between one per cent per person per hour and one dollar per viewer per hour and the same thing happens with the assumptions at events, which Wang says they pay between five and ten thousand dollars. In your case, with an average of ten thousand viewers per transfer produces (at the time of video release) about twenty thousand dollars a month between notifications, subscribers and donations, considering "basic salary" .

Evolution of "Ninja" subscribers. | Image:

A twitch has become fundamental to the industry because back Danny Hernandez, data analyzer, the exposure on site converts directly to game sales. The analyst (working in Twitch) was attributed to the 25 per cent transfers of title sales such as Punch Club or The Culling.

"We discovered that when a viewer with a Steam account sees a game on Twitch, the chances of being bought in the next 24 hours increase faster,He said. "So I attribute those purchases to a pattern look and then buy 'Twitch."

Although the numbers that are surprising (or horrible, depending on how you look at it) are some of those that are streams most popular, many independent studios favor players with more discrete channels because of the issue of cost and because of the influence they can have in a community that has been more restricted with more direct contact.

Hernandez ensures that the channels that do not accumulate thousands of viewers generate real sales, but at the same time are influenced by the most popular, producing the feedback that we keep; r the marketing wheel to turn.

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