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High blood pressure Exercise could help you as much as Technology and science medicines Science


Exercise It can be as effective as taking prescribed medicines to reduce the high blood pressure, according to research published in the medical journal of British Journal of Sports Medicine.

High blood pressure, indicated in adults when it is over 140, is a very common pathology that increases with age and is scarce in people under the age of 30.

The researchers acknowledged that, although the results are promising, there are no other trials that compare physical activity directly with drugs to reduce blood pressure, and were encouraged to take into account that the number of participants in some of the tests was relatively small.

Therefore, they recommended that people who suffer from this pathology, Although they should not give up their medication, they can increase their physical activity levels, because this is clearly beneficial.

According to the study, led by Dr. Huseyin Naci, London School of Economics and Political Science, exercise can reduce systolic blood pressure, that is, the amount of pressure on the arteries when the heart is beaten and expressed as the highest figure when reading this indicator.

— Study details —

To carry out the research, data was collected from 194 clinical trials that analyzed the effect of the drugs on the reduction of systolic blood pressure and 197 trials that analyzed the effect of structured exercise and comprised a total of 39,742 people .

The activities exercised were walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, training with high intensity periods and exercises to improve strength and strength.

The experts conducted three series of analyzes. In one, they compared all types of exercise with all types of drugs to reduce blood pressure, in contrast they contrasted the different exercises with different types of medicines and, finally, they contrasted Intensive variation with different doses of drugs.

The study noted that the number of prescription medications to reduce high blood pressure has increased dramatically in recent years. In England alone, prescribed adults increased by 50% between 2006 and 2016.

If you want to read all the research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine medical journal, CLICK HERE.

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