Thursday , May 26 2022

Hector Tapia will not continue to order Colo Colo in the next Sports season


Gan Cristián Ávila Soto

As anticipated and despite the support at the time Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, last Hector Tapia He will not continue to order Colo Colo, so his final game in the Cacique header will be against University of Concepcion.

According to ADN Deportes, The director of Black and White confirmed that the decision of Tito was determined, after meeting this Monday.

It is anticipated that the head of concession responsible for cast intentions will express today, explaining the end of the Tapia process.

In this way, Colo Colo should continue to search for DT, after the words of Marcelo Espina, the club's sports manager, who had rejected Diego Cocca in that situation.

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