Tuesday , November 24 2020

Hebron's Vall connects general hospital crises with traumatology

Divine Beas

Barcelona, ​​February 24 (EFE) .- Hebron Vall Hospital connects general building crises with some traumatology to get space and to serve around 400 people in "dignified space".

This was explained, in an interview with Efe, Vicenç Martínez, manager of the University Hospital of the Vall Hebron, based in Barcelona, ​​the largest in Catalonia and the leading Catalan public health, with around 9,000 workers all over the world campus

The aim of connecting emergencies with both hospitals is to mitigate the fluency of patients in the general hospital several days of year but especially during the flu epidemic.

On average, Hebron's Vall registers 260 patients in the general hospital's emergency room on a normal day, according to the manager, a figure that increases in flu jams, with many people Stay in the corridors to enter the plant.

Criticism about the conditions patients and their families have to suffer in a crisis is repeated year after year in this great hospital, although Martinez has indicated that, instead of extending beds, that beds provided when awaiting the results of tests or other beds in a plant or other welcome center, such as Pere Virgili or Hospital of Esperança.

Emergency reform of the Hospital of Traumatology is more than urgent because they have not been amended since it was established in 1967 and, for example, ambulances need to be unloaded and exposed to patients, not protected because they are not is the cars fitted by the door.

The aim of the work is to respond to this situation and offer "emergency space" to both hospital patients, connecting the places.

This work will not be realized immediately, Martinez, who believes that two other "critical" buildings for the field, one new for external consultations and another on for the Vall Hebron Research Foundation (VHIR, initially in Catalan).

Although the VHIR already has an approved architectural project, ERDF funding and a specific location, where old laundry was the first one, the challenge is to be located outside the historic site of Vall d & # 39; Hebron.

Vicenç Martínez has ensured that the city of Barcelona "is about" to provide the necessary land for the new external consultations on the other side of the Ronda de Dalt, on the seafront , where those in the general building and barracks have spread around the campus, with about 200 planned visits.

Along with this development of the most outstanding infrastructure of Vall, Hebron, Martinez, who has been in charge since 2015, is committed to opening the hospital center to the city and taking part in prevention obesity, diabetes and back pain in two areas of Barcelona, ​​at present.

"A healthy life is needed," said the manager, who thought it was important to "agree protocols" to promote this prevention with the city of Barcelona, ​​the Red Cross, pharmacies and neighborhood care centers in the neighborhoods.

Remember that Hebron's Vall is the hospital referring from twelve of the fourteen poorest neighborhoods in Barcelona, ​​most of them in the Nou Barris and Sant Andreu championships.

This act and others, as the recent agreement signed with Art Catalonia Art Museum (MNAC) to bring part of the psychological therapy to the museum, seeks to become the hospital Middle & # 39; (focal point) and in place with "better places", it has noted. EFE.

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