Friday , August 19 2022

He sent Piqué to calm the fans who were shouting against Spain


Barcelona defender was Catalunya captain in the friendly against Venezuela. Artrade Vidal made a partner for the stage to give the best to sing.

Gerard Piqué he captained the Catalan team in the friendly against Venezuela. Catalunya beat Vinotinto 2-1, but the highlight was the bid made by Barcelona defender to the fans.

In the heat of the party, from the galleries of Montilivi Stadium, he was listened to: "Lo, lo, lo, looo … What is a whore in Spain". Pique noticed this fact asking the fans not to continue with that song.

"We have to preach by example, everyone, on one side and the other, everything that is disrespectful is intolerable", said fellow Arturo Vidal team member in Barcelona.

In addition, he explained his presence in defending the party Catalunya though it has pulled back of the Spanish team "I'm tired of explaining it, I wanted to be able to go sunbathing for a week with my family outside Europe, taking advantage of the breaks, resting ability, and this is what I've done. Playing with Catalunya takes me a day, I'm coming to have fun with my fellows… It's easy to understand ”, t he said.

He added: "If I were to return to the national team if Luis Enrique calls me, it's a decision that has already been made and that we shouldn't produce anything because it's something that's I'm worried about it, we'd return or not. I'm sorry this, now, it's giving me life: the legs work and because t these breaks. "

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