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He revealed all the new backgrounds in a pregnant death of a football player: Just wanted to spend it – International Football


He revealed all the new background in a pregnant death of a football player: Just wanted to beat him

One of Daniel Correa's murder witnesses revealed details that would help explain the facts. TVN


In the last hours it was made clear A new background on the enthusiastic decline of footballer Daniel Correa, who lost his life a few weeks ago in Brazil after a confusing event, where he was the first Sao Paulo He appeared dead with signs of torture.

This Monday, the evidence of one of the peers Edison Brittes, an author admits the fact, which revealed details of what happened the tragic night, through his lawyer.

According to Globoesports, the juror Eduardo Henrique da Silva, Christian chef, and the woman that the victim would have tried to rape, stating that a total of Four people left the house with the football player at the back of the truck with the intention to look at it and not kill it.


These images led to Correa being killed.

But everything changed a He changed the intention of the author to admit when he looked at Correa's cell phone and saw the pictures he took with a wife asleep beside him.

"The reality is that they were the same objective of making Daniel's victim castration. After the attacks were checked in the house, Brittes were invited to get together to tie Daniel. On the way, Edison had another behavior when Daniel's messages were seen next to the woman and she was distressed, the trunk road opened, everyone went out of the car, I did not want to go to the merits of the other testimonies, each one out to hold Daniel, casting or breaking the penis and left down, but Edison opened the trunk road and was surprised to break Daniel's neck"said lawyer Henrique da Silva.

With this evidence, more background information is added to help solve this case, where the police would have rejected the assumption that the victim would have tried to rape Daniel Brittes' wife.


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