Saturday , November 28 2020

He raises and sings his mother: Brothers fight ends with a deceased in Pontente – National

Having fired and beat his mother: Fighting between a brother ends with a deceased in Pontente

Witnesses report that a weapon would be the weapon used by the murderer after a debate. TVN


A discussion between siblings, from legal age, came to an end with a deceased notifying Homicide Brigade, stating that the fight occurred after they had been drinking alcohol and drugs.

"What is a witness is that the accused has carried a scissors that it would be the cause of the death wounds in the first place, "explained the deputy commissioner Gustavo Sáez.

The deceased was a known junkie from the Mena area in Puente Alto and, according to neighbors, She misused his mother consistent with violence, hits and thieves.

Regarding the homicide, identified as Juan Carlos Jorquera, 50, who also has a long police record of theft and violent crime, escaped from the scene after murdering his brother.


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