Thursday , August 18 2022

He provided the Amazon package in a house that took the dog, but the technology came off


A messenger brought the Amazon package to a house and he stopped to leave with you, according to the British court on Tuesday.

Levi Pislea, 22, who worked i independent delivery service, was guilty of stealing Wilma, a small schnauzer, when he presented the Amazon package in April last year.

According to Court News UK, Richard Guttfield, owner of Wilma, find out that the 11-month dog disappeared from home to Marsworth, east of England, on April 27. After deciding that Wilma had disappeared almost at the same time as he reached his Amazon pack, he contacted the retailer online.

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Pislea's manager asked him about the dog, but the driver denied to see Wilma, or went to the place where they kept it. However, he revealed the fact: it was tracking the courier's actions around the Guttfield house and in the garden.

Pislea Manager He told the police that he had gone home and find Wilma there.

Wilma fReturned to home four days after the robbery and meet the second Guttfield dog, Fred. "It's lovely to sit here with a cup of tea and with my puppets with us," Guttfield wrote on Facebook.

Pislea refused to steal Wilma, saying that She had found her more than a kilometer away from the house, a story he said in the trial, Court News UK reported.

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However, the High Wycombe Magistrates' Court did otherwise determine a and sentenced to a community order of 12 months and 150 hours of unpaid work. You must also pay the costs of £ 705 (US $ 914).

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