Tuesday , October 4 2022

he held the warm cows from Iquique


The sun will always come out after the storm says, apart from the beautiful Michelle Adams, the incredible Pablo Sánchez.

Unless after a semester joining unemployment, the "Vitamine" took time without hitting more like a deserved holiday, which allowed him to return the record time to the activity now in the north of the country.

This, after Iquique, yesterday announced with a huge and Rosario 45-year-old as the new strategist for 2019, who came to occupy the warmer who left Luis Musrri.


For Sánchez, who left a "Never" window not only for the bad results, but for the rain of luggage inside the wardrobe, where many players accused him of Losing the famous dress codes, at a time Clean your lost image.

Then when they used the gic where the backbone changed its name, "Vitamin" left the cast in the last position of this year's table. The balance was stunning with 10 losses, three taking and only two wins in the first 15 season of the last tournament.

"Sanchez is underway by great campaigns in football in Chile, where he managed to capture an interesting style of playing and distributing international cups to the three teams he has referred to: Universidad de Concepción, O & # 39 ; Higgins and Everton of Viña del Mar, "he drew attention. "Draig" of the north in the welcome statement to the new head.

With this challenge, "Vitamin" will add its seventh club after referring Banfield, Rosario Central, Petrolero Oriente, Universidad de Concepción, O & Higgins, and Everton.

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