Saturday , February 27 2021

"He has endorsed the violence to human rights in Chile"

The father of Camilo Catrillanca, Marcelo Catrillanca, he was Registered Trade Aim, where he referred to the responsibilities of different governments in the militarization of La Araucanía and said definitively that all the administrations since the return to democracy "have been the same".

The father of Mapuche, a communeroon who died on 14 November "No government has been competent in its deeds", and that situations continue to occur when "the poor and Mapuche continue to suffer."

Catrillanca criticized the role of the old president Michelle Bachelet as the United Nations Senior Human Rights Commissioner. In his opinion, the former president represents his position "in a bad way", since then "He has endorsed what has been a human rights violence in Chile".

She also maintained that she was "At first, exalt what is the Jungle Order".

"The conditions are not given"

Camilo's father said that the reason why he did not want to meet President Sebastián Piñera "The conditions are not given": the withdrawal of the Jungle Order, the departure of Andrés Chadwick of the Government and the reorganization of the Mapuche territory.

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One special point of interest for Marcelo Catrillanca is Chadwick's resignation, and this is why he and his family asked the Prosecutor's Office to take his statement. "He is the person who has treated my son as an offender at the first moment", he confirmed.

As he passed, the new mayor La Araucanía, Jorge Atton, drunk his tweets where he suggested "military take-up" to the area. Here are these types of statements that you can do "Invalid Interactor" for the Catrillanca family.

Finally, the Minister for Social Development, Alfredo Moreno, and throw out any possible presidential aspiration to the ground: "The Araucania Plan has been a big fault for Mr Alfredo Moreno (…) With that president, we did not get anywhere, because has given a solution or some confidence ".

Remember his son

Marcelo Catrillanca remembers Camilo as "Example son" "I had never had any problems with anyone".

He acknowledged he felt enthusiastic, but said he focused on his granddaughter and on the pregnant partner of Camilo. "They have suffered more than me"He confirmed, and with that in mind, he built for them the house that Camilo prepares. "I want to let him rest in peace in the house he wanted," he added.

She's excited to see her son's face everywhere and know that "Camilo has crossed the border".

"I feel sometimes happy, or sad, but I want to know what the truth is. I want to know who was the carabinero who killed my son," he said.

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