Saturday , January 23 2021

He confirmed a new case of hantavirus and already 32 have been infected in Patagonia

Yesterday, a new case of hantavirus was confirmed on Saturday. She's a girl from El Bolsón, in Río Negro. In this way, the number of disease infections in Patagonia was 32. All cases of the Epuyén cause come.

The new approach was reported in an official daily part published by the Chubut Health Ministry. According to the statement, "this is a daughter of El Bolson who was a selective respiratory insulation in that town and continues to be hospitalized in the Bariloche hospital zone."

On the other hand, the organism announced that Esquel's zonal hospital gave "the definitive relief" to a man who was under observation and who "evolved favorably". In the meantime, two outpatients of the intensive care unit and stable clinical elderly adults remain in hospital.

Since the case was published on December 3 in Epuyén, 11 people lost their lives due to the long-transmitted disease.

Although last week, the province of Chubut has announced that they begin to end the huge insulations, and the authorities asked to maintain the precautions as the infectious case is not yet completely.

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