Saturday , January 23 2021

Hardest loss Pinilla: The Supreme Court declared its appeal against Azul Azul Inadmissible Football

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Hans Scott UNO Agency

A hard hit was received in the last hours Mauricio Pinilla, Coquimbo Unido football player right now.

Y The Supreme Court declared an unacceptable appeal submitted by the player against Azul Azul, the concession administered by Chile University, who decided to dismiss him in August 2018.

Recall that the club's leadership has brought the link to an end after knowing contacts and conversations between the player with Colón de Santa Fe, the Argentine cast. After cardboard, it was 'Pinal'; requires unjustified dismissal in court.

Things seem to go well to the attacker last year, when the Fifth Labor Court awarded San Miguel in his party in the legal case filed. In fact, we would earn nearly 500 million for the company, including compensation.

However, months later, the appeal that was filed by Azul Azul before the San Miguel Court of Appeal changed the scenario: the club would no longer have to pay and Pinilla would have to shoulder the costs.

With this background, Mauricio Pinilla lawyers took final legal action before the Supreme Court, where it was almost overturned.

This is because the Fourth Chamber considers its introduction unanimously unanimous and, although its 5 day defense to file an appeal to reconsider, the overwhelming result suggests that everything has been; to sentence.

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