Sunday , August 14 2022

Hard hit for Fuente-Alba: Martial Court dismissed and denied its freedom


Y Marcial Court dismissed unanimously who had introduced the defense of the former Army head Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba who attempted to abolish the general statement when retiring where he acknowledged that he had used retorted expenses for personal purposes.

Also, the court refused to release Fuente-Alba's application, so former Army head staying in custody in the Peñalolén Military Police Battalion.

After confirming the refusal of the appeal for a bombing set in favor of the former headteacher, The appraisal now evaluates it to the Supreme Court.

This party noted during the allegations that the prosecution was misuse public money points to "excessive" amounts – about 3,500 million pesos, which reiterated that the use of restored costs was institutional and non-personal.

In the meantime, the State Defense Council (CDE) secured it Fuente-Alba misused his investment and has a danger to society's security and for the investigation.

Colonel Sergio Vásquez Undurraga also nominated as a key person to find the footprint of the use of restored costs, as he disclosed that with them pay the credit card every month i Fuente-Alba.

It should be remembered that the rest of the officers prosecuted in the framework of this "Milico-gate" edge, agreed to bail them, but due to the size and position of Fuente-Alba, it was decided to keep before trial.

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