Wednesday , January 20 2021

Half English ensures that a body is found in the plane where Emiliano Sala was traveling

Underwater video of the rubbish of the private plane where Argentina's football player was traveling Emiliano Sala, show a "visible occupier", as reported by United Kingdom Air Accident Investigation Division (AAIB).

The remains of the plane this Sunday were found at the bottom of the Canal de la Mancha without a private company have hired from a Sala family to look for the athlete and the pilot David Ibbotson, has disappeared since last January 21.

Both traveled in the Piper PA-46 Malibu, lost from radar when moving between Nantes (France) and Cardiff (Wales) two weeks ago

In a statement, AAIB said Monday that "tBroadly, in the video an occupier is visible among the remains " and he explained that it is now "not" considering the next steps to follow with "relatives & pilots and the passenger and the police".

The news was developed by the Daily Express in its digital edition.

In addition, the department announced that it intends to publish an interim report once a month after the accident.

Y This Sunday was airborne by the FPV Morven, employed by the 28-year-old Sala family, thanks to a collection that had hundreds of donors.

The ocean David Mearns He was responsible for confirming Morven's perception and said that Geo Ocean III will be responsible for starting today the investigation of the aircraft crash.

Emiliano Sala He fought in the Piper PA-46 Malibu binding to Cardiff (the United Kingdom) to join a new club after he made the biggest reduction in his history to pay 17 million dollars for the transfer.

Argentina's footballer has signed a great campaign this year in Nantes, from the first French department, where he scored 12 goals.

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