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Gustavo Sáez's final criticism of Bake Off Chile: "Every program has its identity" | Unique


Sun here, the end of the song Bake Off Chile, the program that was looking for the best amateur sweetener, and who won the talented Allison Ramsay, who was for quite quite predictable, however, a small mistake could be removed from that situation, as explained by the jury Gustavo Sáez.

In an interview with Page 7, the crust chest explained that the final was a result of the good performance obtained for each test and not for the extension throughout the program, which surprised so much that Valeria Lopez is the fourth place, as the previous chapters have shown his great level, as Marisol Pierola is in the third place. "In the program, every preparation was evaluated, which is why Allison and Alfonso reached the final, but an error could have left either one"Saez said.

Despite this, he emphasized that a good pastry chef was tested if he is consistent, although he is currently falling. "If it's always good, it will go far", explains the Bake Off Chile jury.

Although Ramsay did not know in the final, Gustavo explained that there were three details that made the difference between her and Alfonso. "Although Alfonso has evolved very well, it had a big increase, Allison's work (in the cake) in relation to the taste, the cohesion and presentation were better".

Regarding the general level of the participants, Sáez was honest: "Initially, I was a little surprised, because I used to evaluate professionals and not amateurs, but yes, within the amateur level, you can make a difference in techniques, taste, composition.; independent of the level you can make the difference between one another, "he said.

Final Judgment



Through social networks, many viewers criticized the level of the final, those who found it illegal to be a chapter where the winner was chosen, many people thought why they had not made it alive and even bought with those made for them MasterChef.

In this context, from producing the program they explained to it Page 7 what it was impossible to make it live, because they are long-term tests and there is no programmable grid that supports those times, which was the only thing that was recorded separately, the last case where the winner's name was known, this was so the result was not filtered.

Regarding the comparisons, Gustavo was excited: "Each program is different and I'll find it better that everyone has their identity. The idea would not be that the version was Bake off MasterChef but from a belt, that's not the idea ".

He also said that TV areas should evolve. "Maybe that was that, I'm thinking, because here is the first season, so when this is the first time, I think it's pretty good and in the next ones they will recover according to audience. "

Will there be a new season? "I'm a simple jury and I do not know anything about whether there will be another, but I am happy it exists", the crust chest came to an end.

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